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Conquer Carpet Care | Furniture & Leather Upholstery Care

Actichem Conquer

$48.50 inc. GST
Conquer is a stain remover for carpets and upholstery. The unbeatable multi-task spotting solution effective on a wide range of
CTR Carpet Care coffee stain removal

Actichem CTR | Coffee & Tannin Remover

$30.00 inc. GST
Actichem CTR is a coffee and tannin stain remover for carpet & fabric cleaning. Actichem CTR is a high activity
Deofresh citrus premium multi task deodoriser

Actichem Deofresh

$45.60 inc. GST
Deofresh is a carpet deodoriser & fragrance booster
Deosan anti-microbial odour neutraliser

Actichem Deosan

$46.50 inc. GST
Deosan is an anti-microbial odour neutraliser
Performance Plus Carpet Care

Actichem Performance Plus

$53.50$181.60 inc. GST
Actichem’s Performance Plus is one of the most significant breakthroughs in carpet cleaning since wet extraction was first developed. It
Pet & Flood Carpet Care

Actichem Pet & Flood

$39.00 inc. GST
Pet & Flood is a unique spotting solution for high performance removal of cellulosic browning, urine stains and the associated odours
Rinse Pro neutralising fibre rinse cleaner

Actichem Rinse Pro Dual Purpose Acid Rinse

$41.00 inc. GST
Rinse Pro is a unique dual-purpose acid rinse that delivers powerful cleaning whilst at the same time providing the traditional pH neutralisation.
Amsolve 1L food protien and blood stain remover

Agar Chemicals Amsolve

$8.90$34.80 inc. GST
  • Ammoniated, low residual detergent for spotting carpets and rugs.
  • Removes orange juice, soft drink, wine, blood, milk, protein-based soils.
Anti Static Carpet Spray 5L

Agar Chemicals Anti-Static Carpet Spray

$33.30 inc. GST
  • Spray-on treatment that prevents static electricity accumulating on carpet.
  • Effective on all types of synthetic, natural and blended carpet fibres.
Browning Treatment 5L

Agar Chemicals Browning Treatment

$20.50 inc. GST
Its mild acidity neutralises residues from alkaline detergents. Removes cellulosic browning stains and watermarks from all types of carpet.
Citrus Spotter 5L

Agar Chemicals Citrus Spotter

$152.40 inc. GST
Biodegradable, all natural and phosphate-free solvent spotter with a E290 citrus fragrance. Will remove spots, stains and marks.
Coffee Stain Remover Part A

Agar Chemicals Coffee Stain Remover Part A

$8.90 inc. GST
  • Super-powerful 2-part peroxide based product.
  • Will get out those 'impossible' stains like coffee, tea and food dyes.