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Actichem Bust is a heavy duty protein and blood stain remover

Actichem Bust

$36.00 inc. GST
Actichem Bust is a heavy duty protein and blood stain remover
Clean Force enzyme prespray powder

Actichem Clean Force Enzyme Booster Carpet Cleaning Prespray

$56.00 inc. GST
Clean Force is an enzyme boosted carpet cleaning prespray.
Enviro Dishwashing Liquid Floor & All Purpose Detergents

Actichem Enviro Dishwashing Liquid

$35.00 inc. GST
Double strength (2x) concentrate, designed for commercial kitchens.
Enviro Multi Klean

Actichem Enviro Multi Klean Multipurpose Cleaner

$70.00 inc. GST
MULTIKLEAN is a Environmentally Friendly powerful industrial strength water based multipurpose degreaser and spray & wipe cleaner.
Performance Gold Carpet Cleaning

Actichem Performance Gold

$47.00$161.00 inc. GST
Performance Gold is a high performance carpet cleaning prespray. Performance Gold is a unique blend of high performance surfactant chemistry,
Rinse Pro neutralising fibre rinse cleaner

Actichem Rinse Pro Dual Purpose Acid Rinse

$35.00 inc. GST
Rinse Pro is a unique dual purpose acid rinse which delivers powerful cleaning whilst at the same time providing the traditional pH neutralisation.
Amazon G4 1KG carpet powder detergent

Agar Chemicals Amazon G4

$20.70$146.50 inc. GST
  • Powder detergent for hot water extraction carpet cleaning. 
  • Power and economy!
Bonnet Cleaner 5L

Agar Chemicals Bonnet Cleaner

$37.70 inc. GST
Free-rinsing, fast drying premium liquid detergent for bonnet cleaning of carpets. Cleans all types of carpets by the rotary bonnet method.
Green'n'Gold 5L carpet detergent

Agar Chemicals Green’n’Gold

$36.40$134.70 inc. GST
Environmentally-responsible GECA carpet detergent. Releases soils before extraction. Suitable for all washable carpets. Extract with water only.
Cap-It-Off 5L carpet cleaner

Cap-It-Off Agar Chemicals

$39.70 inc. GST
Cap-it-Off is an encapsulation cleaner for use on all types of carpet and washable fabric upholstery.
Carpet Shampoo 5L dry foam

Carpet Shampoo Agar Chemicals

$50.50 inc. GST
  • Dry-foam shampoo for carpets. Neutral.
  • Excellent on all carpets. Residue dries into crystals for vacuuming away.
Citrus Extra 5L carpet pre spray cleaner

Citrus Extra Agar Chemicals

$35.70$131.80 inc. GST
Low alkaline carpet pre-spray detergent. Releases soils before extraction.  Suitable for synthetic carpets. Extract with water only.