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Cleansing Powder 5kg

Agar Chemicals Cleansing Powder

$27.50 inc. GST
  • Powder cleaner with soft abrasive action.
  • Stain and build-up removal from sinks, basins, showers, toilets etc.
Ritzy 750ml cream cleaner

Agar Chemicals Ritzy

$9.40$29.30 inc. GST
Citrus-perfumed creamy cleanser for cleaning and polishing porcelain, enamel and other hard surfaces.  Chlorine-free.
Softie 500ml chlorinated creamy cleanser

Agar Chemicals Softie Crème Cleanser

$9.40$34.40 inc. GST
  • Chlorinated cream cleanser. Cleans, disinfects and polishes hard surfaces.
  • For removing stains, soaps, fat and mildew from basins, baths, sinks, etc.