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3 in 1 Ultra Fresh Disinfectant eucalyptus

Actichem 3 in 1 Ultra Fresh Disinfectant

$32.00 inc. GST
ULTRAFRESH is designed to clean, disinfect and leave a pleasant residual fragrance
Enviro Dishwashing Liquid Floor & All Purpose Detergents

Actichem Enviro Dishwashing Liquid

$35.00 inc. GST
Double strength (2x) concentrate, designed for commercial kitchens.
Extracta Pro powdered carpet extraction detergent

Actichem Extracta Pro

$62.30 inc. GST
Extracta Pro is a powdered carpet extraction detergent. Extracta Pro is a premium quality extraction detergent liquid. This innovative emulsifier
Oxyboost Plus destainer

Actichem Oxyboost Plus

$49.40 inc. GST
Oxyboost Plus is an oxygenated additive for destaining, cleaning & deodorising. Actichem’s Oxyboost Plus is a super concentrate, oxidising compound
Freshaire 5L odour neutraliser

Agar Chemicals Freshaire

$69.00 inc. GST
Strong perfumed odour neutraliser and antibacterial detergent. Removes offensive odours from hard surfaces, carpets, clothing and furnishings.
Renegade 5L concentrated hard surface cleaner

Agar Chemicals Renegade

$29.90$109.90 inc. GST
Solvent, caustic detergent. Breaks down fats, oils and grease. For all tough jobs - cleaning floors, degreasing engines, barbecues, floors and machinery.
Summer Citrus 1L odour neutraliser and air freshener

Agar Chemicals Summer Citrus

$34.00$133.90 inc. GST
Air freshener concentrate - citrus perfume.  A small spray provides a powerful deodorising fragrance.
Acid Wash 5L rust scale and lime remover

Agar Chemicals Acid Wash

$54.70 inc. GST
  • Dissolves rust, scale and lime build-ups. For de-scaling dishwasher interiors.
  • Removes excess grout from ceramic tiles.

Agar Chemicals Active Break

$29.90$109.90 inc. GST
  • Concentrated cleaner with caustic. Breaks down animal and soap fats.
  • Removes fatty soilage from floors, walls and ovens.
Ammodet 1L ammonia Boosted Detergent

Agar Chemicals Ammodet

$9.00$80.20 inc. GST
  • High-foaming detergent with ammonia and emulsifiers.
  • Washing walls, floors, glass. Excellent for squeegee cleaning of windows.
Apple 5L deoderiser detergent

Agar Chemicals Apple

$26.30 inc. GST
Lingering, apple-scented detergent-deodoriser with a powerful cleaning action for washing and mopping all hard surfaces. Leaves surfaces clean and perfumed.
Breeze 5L detergent air freshener

Agar Chemicals Breeze

$24.90$94.00 inc. GST
Strong odour masking deodoriser with a powerful cleaning action fruity fragrance.  Good for washing and mopping all hard surfaces.