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Extracta Pro powdered carpet extraction detergent

Actichem Extracta Pro

$77.90 inc. GST
Extracta Pro is a powdered carpet extraction detergent. Extracta Pro is a premium quality extraction detergent liquid. This innovative emulsifier
Oxyboost Plus destainer

Actichem Oxyboost Plus

$61.70 inc. GST
Oxyboost Plus is an oxygenated additive for destaining, cleaning & deodorising. Actichem’s Oxyboost Plus is a super concentrate, oxidising compound
Freshaire 5L odour neutraliser

Agar Chemicals Freshaire

$69.00 inc. GST
Strong perfumed odour neutraliser and antibacterial detergent. Removes offensive odours from hard surfaces, carpets, clothing and furnishings.
Renegade 5L concentrated hard surface cleaner

Agar Chemicals Renegade

$29.90$109.90 inc. GST
Solvent, caustic detergent. Breaks down fats, oils and grease. For all tough jobs - cleaning floors, degreasing engines, barbecues, floors and machinery.
Summer Citrus 1L odour neutraliser and air freshener

Agar Chemicals Summer Citrus

$34.00$133.90 inc. GST
Air freshener concentrate - citrus perfume.  A small spray provides a powerful deodorising fragrance.
Acid Wash 5L rust scale and lime remover

Agar Chemicals Acid Wash

$54.70 inc. GST
  • Dissolves rust, scale and lime build-ups. For de-scaling dishwasher interiors.
  • Removes excess grout from ceramic tiles.

Agar Chemicals Active Break

$29.90$109.90 inc. GST
  • Concentrated cleaner with caustic. Breaks down animal and soap fats.
  • Removes fatty soilage from floors, walls and ovens.
Ammodet 1L ammonia Boosted Detergent

Agar Chemicals Ammodet

$9.00$80.20 inc. GST
  • High-foaming detergent with ammonia and emulsifiers.
  • Washing walls, floors, glass. Excellent for squeegee cleaning of windows.
Apple 5L deoderiser detergent

Agar Chemicals Apple

$26.30 inc. GST
Lingering, apple-scented detergent-deodoriser with a powerful cleaning action for washing and mopping all hard surfaces. Leaves surfaces clean and perfumed.
Breeze 5L detergent air freshener

Agar Chemicals Breeze

$24.90$94.00 inc. GST
Strong odour masking deodoriser with a powerful cleaning action fruity fragrance.  Good for washing and mopping all hard surfaces.
CleanSave 7 heavy duty detergent grease cutter

Agar Chemicals CleanSave 7

$52.30 inc. GST
Powerful, grease-cutting detergent which rapidly attacks and removes soilage from hard surfaces. Part of the CleanSave Closed Loop Chemical and Dispensing System.
Country Garden 1L air freshener concentrate

Agar Chemicals Country Garden

$49.60$200.70 inc. GST
Air freshener concentrate - floral perfume. A few drops provide a powerful long lasting fragrance.