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Extracta Pro powdered carpet extraction detergent

Actichem Extracta Pro

$77.90 inc. GST
Extracta Pro is a powdered carpet extraction detergent. Extracta Pro is a premium quality extraction detergent liquid. This innovative emulsifier
Oxyboost Plus destainer

Actichem Oxyboost Plus

$61.70 inc. GST
Oxyboost Plus is an oxygenated additive for destaining, cleaning & deodorising. Actichem’s Oxyboost Plus is a super concentrate, oxidising compound
Powerdet Eco 5L exterior cleaner

Agar Chemicals Powerdet Eco

$29.90$109.90 inc. GST
Will remove all soil and spillages from all types of floors and other surfaces. (GECA)
Spruce 5L all purpose cleaner

Agar Chemicals Spruce

$29.50$109.70 inc. GST
  • Low-allergenic, environmentally optimised all purpose cleaner.
  • Will remove all light to medium soilage from all washable hard surfaces. (GECA)
Superforce 1L detergent concentrate

Agar Chemicals Superforce

$10.90$118.50 inc. GST
  • Heavy duty cleaner and deodorant.
  • Safe on all washable surfaces. Great all-rounder in areas with hard water.
Floor Cleaner floor and all purpose detergents

Clean Plus Chemicals Floor Cleaner

$16.70 inc. GST
Ammoniated with lemon fragrance. Gentle PH to suit all types of surfaces, excellent cleaner specially for greasy floors in kitchen
Neutral Detergent Sanitiser Floor & All Purpose Detergents

Clean Plus Chemicals Neutral Detergent Sanitiser

$18.60 inc. GST
Neutral PH to clean and protect all types of surfaces, specially polished floors, excellent cleaner – sanitiser combination reduces cleaning
CleanSave 1 all purpose and floor cleaner

CleanSave 1 Agar Chemicals

$59.30 inc. GST
A powerful, perfumed all-purpose detergent for cleaning floors and all hard washable surfaces. Part of the CleanSave Closed Loop Chemical and Dispensing System.
3 in 1 Ultra Fresh Disinfectant eucalyptus

Enviro 3 in 1 Ultra Fresh Disinfectant

$34.00 inc. GST
ULTRAFRESH is designed to clean, disinfect and leave a pleasant residual fragrance
Enviro Dishwashing Liquid Floor & All Purpose Detergents

Enviro Enviro Dishwashing Liquid

$34.00 inc. GST
Double strength (2x) concentrate, designed for commercial kitchens.
Eucadet 5L all purpose detergent

Eucadet Agar Chemicals

$22.60 inc. GST
Concentrated high-foam, low alkaline detergent boosted with eucalyptus. Anything that can be washed can be cleaned with Eucadet.
Fresh Mop 5L scented cleaner

Fresh Mop Agar Chemicals

$28.70$106.40 inc. GST
Lemon scented neutral cleaner, safe to use on sensitive surfaces. Rinse free. Ideal for mopping polished granite and other shiny surfaces.