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2020 Gloss 5L floor sealer finish

2020 Gloss Agar Chemicals

$57.20$212.20 inc. GST
Extremely glossy, highly buffable & durable. Scratches and scuffs easily removed. For vinyl tiles, linoleum and timber floors.
3D-Gloss 5L floor finish

3D Gloss Agar Chemicals

$60.20$223.40 inc. GST
Super glossy, easy to buff, slip and mark resistant. For vinyl tiles, linoleum and timber floors.
Duro 5L floor sealer finish

Duro Agar Chemicals

$75.60$280.80 inc. GST
Tough, versatile and hard wearing, very high gloss, mark resistant. For sealing any type of floor.
First Base 5L

First Base Agar Chemicals

$62.60$231.50 inc. GST
Water-based, semi-permanent, base coat sealer. For sealing concrete, porous terrazzo and worn vinyl. (Suitable for outdoor use.)
Granoseal 5L stone floor sealer

Granoseal Agar Chemicals

$56.70$209.40 inc. GST
Glossy with extra strong adhesion to stone, hard wearing, non-slip. For sealing marble, granite, terrazzo, slate, concrete, all types of stone.
Masterpiece 5L floor Sealer finish

Masterpiece Agar Chemicals

$79.70$297.50 inc. GST
Long lasting acrylic floor sealer with excellent wear resistance and high gloss.  Suitable for vinyl, timber and stone floors. Easy to use.
Matt Finish floor Sealer 5L

Matte Finish Sealer Agar Chemicals

$81.20 inc. GST
Tough, hard-wearing, water-based floor sealer that dries to a low-sheen finish. It will protect floors and cut down on sun-glare, and is fully strippable.

Penetrating Oil Agar Chemicals

$207.10 inc. GST
Provides an oil-barrier that repels stains and marks during flood restoration work.  Designed for application to a variety of hard surfaces.

Satin Finish Sealer Agar Chemicals

$165.00 inc. GST
Low sheen finish, cuts down on sun glare, hard wearing film. 
Stone Block 5L penetrating sealer

Stone Block Agar Chemicals

$103.80 inc. GST
A penetrating sealer that applies an invisible and breathable barrier within the surface of all uncoated, natural stones, pavers and tiles.
Super Nova 5L floor sealer

Super Nova Agar Chemicals

$74.70$280.20 inc. GST
No buff floor sealer, super glossy 'off-the-mop', rock-hard, resists marks. Sealer for vinyl, sealed timber and terrazzo floors.
Timbertech 5L

Timbertech Agar Chemicals

$134.50 inc. GST
Water-based polyurethane timber coating. High gloss, super-hard and durable.