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Demolish 5L super stripper concentrate

Demolish Agar Chemicals

$72.80$269.50 inc. GST
Most powerful stripper, removes the coatings that others can’t. Safe for use on terrazzo, marble, granite, polished concrete and vinyl. Ultra concentrated.
Neutralizer 5L acetic acid solution

Neutralizer Agar Chemicals

$21.90 inc. GST
Acetic acid solution for neutralizing alkalinity in carpets and hard floors after extraction. Returns surfaces to an acceptable, neutral value.
STR-36 5L super concentrated floor stripper

STR-36 Agar Chemicals

$64.90$240.80 inc. GST
Super concentrated and most powerful stripper. For the most demanding jobs. Removes heavy build up, semi-permanent base-coats.
Take Off 5L floor stripper

Take Off Agar Chemicals

$56.00 inc. GST
Aggressive alkaline stripper. 'Bites' quickly. For heavy-duty high productivity stripping. Works on semi-permanent sealer basecoats.
Ultrastrip 5L polish remover

Ultrastrip Agar Chemicals

$43.80$163.40 inc. GST
Excellent all-rounder. Removes built-up polish. Odourless and non-dangerous. Removes all types of wax and polish.