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Alcohol Sanitiser AS-60 5L

Alcohol Sanitiser AS-60 Agar Chemicals

$38.20$140.40 inc. GST
Alcohol sanitiser - ready-to-use, no-rinse for all cleaned surfaces. It evaporates quickly, has a strong antibacterial action and leaves no residues.
Spray and Wipe Antibacterial

Clean Plus Chemicals Spray and Wipe Antibacterial

$22.00$70.10 inc. GST
Safe and powerful formula with approved antiseptic ingredients. Ideal in kitchens and near food preparation areas, provides up to 12
Foam Up 5L cleaner and sanitiser

Foam Up Cleaner & Sanitiser from Agar Chemicals

$41.00$152.70 inc. GST
Is both a cleaner and sanitiser that has been developed to provide a rich, stable foam that clings to vertical surfaces.