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Clean Plus Cleaning Vinegar

Clean Plus Chemicals Cleaning Vinegar

$11.80 inc. GST
Cleans household applications like fridges, benches, toilets and more. Kills bad odour.
Machine Dishwash Liquid Kitchen & Bar Cleaning & Sanitising

Clean Plus Chemicals Machine Dishwash Liquid

$17.50$50.20 inc. GST
Concentrated detergent with destainer, descaler and hard water softeners. Suitable for commercial and domestic use.
Oven-Grill Cleaner Classic Kitchen & Bar Cleaning & Sanitising

Clean Plus Chemicals Oven / Grill Cleaner Classic

$20.10 inc. GST
Concentrated, economical, contains a rich blend of caustic and emulsifiers. Foamy liquid.
Spray and Wipe Antibacterial Food Processing

Clean Plus Chemicals Spray and Wipe

$17.50 inc. GST
All purpose spray and wipe cleaner. Excellent degreaser for application on all types of surfaces. Refreshing friendly lemon fragrance.
Grill Clean 20L

Grill Clean from Agar Chemicals

$48.50$124.00 inc. GST
  • Powerful caustic-based heavy duty hotplate, grill and oven cleaner.
  • Rapidly removes fat, grease, carbon and burnt on food deposits.