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Cool Tide 500ml hand sanitiser

Agar Chemicals Cool Tide

$14.00$63.40 inc. GST
  • Thick, anti-bacterial hand sanitiser that kills germs on the skin. 
  • Rinse-free and non-sticky. Leaves hands soft and refreshed.
Aqua balm hand and body Wash Personal Care

Aqua Wash Soap Free Hand Cleanser

$14.50 inc. GST
AQUA BALM is a natural, soap free hand cleanser and body wash.
All Purpose Sanitiser Concentrate

Clean Plus Chemicals All Purpose Sanitiser Concentrate

$23.50 inc. GST
Non rinse, non perfume sanitiser. Ideal for use in food processing areas, soaking cutlery, bench tops, equipment, chopping boards and
G9 – Foam Hand Wash

Clean Plus Chemicals G9 – Foam Hand Wash

$21.00$57.00 inc. GST
Foam Hand Wash with a pleasant fragrance. G9 is an enviromentally responsible product which produces rich FOAM in just 1
Eternity Facial Tissue box

Eternity Facial Tissue

$29.00 inc. GST
Eternity Facial Tissue Detail: 2 Ply x 180 Sheets Quantity: 36 boxes per carton
Hand Scrub 5L

Hand Scrub Agar Chemicals

$49.80$135.90 inc. GST
Professional workshop hand cleaner for removing all types of tough industrial soils such as oil, grease, tar, sealants, soot, dirt and paint.
instant hand sanitiser aloe vera vitamin e

Instant Hand Sanitiser

$7.00$55.00 inc. GST
Alcohol based gel, no washing or rinsing required. Tested and approved according to Hospital Grade Option B (dirty). Proven to
Interleaved hand towel

Interleaved hand towel

$35.00 inc. GST
Interleaved hand towel 150 sheet 230x240mm x 2ply 16 packs / carton   120 sheet 190x250mm x2ply 20 packs /
Mechanix 5L

Mechanix Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner from Agar Chemicals

$54.90 inc. GST
  • Heavy-duty hand cleaner with a mild scrubbing action. Contains almond oil derivatives.
  • Removes all types of industrial soils such as oil, grease, paint.
Microsan 5L Antibacterial Hand Soap

Microsan Thick Anti Bacterial Liquid Soap from Agar Chemicals

$27.40$101.30 inc. GST
What is Microsan? MICROSAN is a thick anti-bacterial liquid hand soap that provides a rich foam and kills germs on

Sabco Disposable gloves

$14.00 inc. GST
100 latex disposable gloves
Swan Individual Wrap Toilet Paper

Swan Individual Wrap Toilet Paper

$27.00 inc. GST
Swan Individual Wrap Toilet Paper Detail: 2 Ply x 400 Sheets Quantity: 48 single rolls per carton