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Bac2Work 5L biological washroom cleaner and odour neutraliser

Agar Chemicals Bac2Work

$18.20$58.10 inc. GST
Bacteria-powered toilet and urinal cleaner that digests organic soilage and uric acid salts. Positively stops bathroom odours.
All Fresh 5L toilet and bathroom cleaner super concentrate

Agar Chemicals All Fresh

$104.60 inc. GST
  • Concentrated all purpose washroom cleaner intended for dilution.
  • Cleans toilets, urinals, showers, tiled floors, walls, basins and fixtures.
CleanSave 4S shower and tile cleaner

Agar Chemicals CleanSave 4S

$58.20 inc. GST
All-in-one washroom cleaner concentrate that blasts away bathroom scum on toilets, showers, floors, walls, basins and fixtures. Leaves a fresh lime fragrance. Part of the CleanSave Closed Loop Chemical and Dispensing System.
CleanSave 4T toilet cleaner

Agar Chemicals CleanSave 4T

$55.20 inc. GST
A powerful detergent for toilets and urinals. It cleans and brightens porcelain, ceramic and stainless steel sinks, basins, urinals and toilet bowls. Part of the CleanSave Closed Loop Chemical and Dispensing System.
Fresco 1L all purpose washroom cleaner

Agar Chemicals Fresco

$13.10$152.00 inc. GST
All purpose washroom cleaner. Organic ingredients. Used neat for toilets, urinals, showers, diluted for floors, walls, basins and fixtures. (GECA)
Portacare 5L portable toilet liquid sanitiser

Agar Chemicals Portacare

$34.20$127.30 inc. GST
A blue liquid sanitiser designed as the waste tank additive for portable toilets, sewage holding tanks and sanitary pan systems.
Sequal 5L toilet bowl and urinal cleaner

Agar Chemicals Sequal

$24.90$90.80 inc. GST
Toilet and washroom cleaner. Organic ingredients. For toilets, urinals, tiled washroom floors, walls, baths, basins and showers. (GECA)
Shower Star 1L shower and washroom cleaner

Agar Chemicals Shower Star

$12.90$145.40 inc. GST
A concentrated bathroom cleaner containing naturally occurring mildew and mould killers.
Spa Clean 1L spa bath pipe sanitiser

Agar Chemicals Spa Clean

$16.50$33.90 inc. GST
A cleaner and sanitiser for use in removing fats, oils and debris from spa bath pipes.
Toilet Blue Cistern Cleaner 5L

Agar Chemicals Toilet Blue Cistern Cleaner

$75.20 inc. GST
Concentrated, blue cleaning and sanitising detergent for use in toilet cisterns.
Bowl Clean 5L anti bacterial detergent

Bowl Clean Agar Chemicals

$27.50$100.20 inc. GST
Antibacterial toilet and urinal cleaner. Acid-based. Dissolves all types of deposits and rust from, porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel.
Clean Plus Mould No More

Clean Plus Chemicals Mould No More

$20.00$70.00 inc. GST
Cleaner – Sanitiser. Ideal to remove fungi, moulds and body fats. Can be used on Ceramics, Porcelain, Stainless Steel and