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Dirt-Off 1L degreaser detergent

Agar Chemicals Dirt-Off

$10.70$100.10 inc. GST
Ultimate all-round heavy duty cleaner/degreaser for instantly removing all kinds of industrial dirt. Pleasantly-perfumed.
Nu-Glo 500ml polish

Agar Chemicals Nu-Glo

$13.90$47.10 inc. GST
  • Blend of emulsified silicones designed to clean and protect.
  • Polishes and protects vinyl, rubber, plastic, finished leather, sealed wood.
Truck Wash 5L detergent

Agar Chemicals Truck Wash

$24.50$748.90 inc. GST
Concentrated vehicle detergent for breaking down and removing road dirt. Cleans paintwork, rubber trims and tyres, chrome, aluminium and glass.
Clean Plus Car Wash

Clean Plus Chemicals Car Wash

$19.00$65.30 inc. GST
Powerful formula. Contains no solvents, alkaline or ammonia. It washes away traffic grime, grease and dirt. Gentle on paint.
Clean Plus Tyre Rejuvenator

Clean Plus Chemicals Tyre Rejuvenator

$44.00$150.00 inc. GST
Concentrated silicone based. Enhances overall appearance by leaving lusture and shine in any weather. Gives a wet look.